Organic food

What is organic food? Organic food refers to crops that are grown without the use of harmful pesticides, irradiation, fertilizers, and other synthetic materials.


  • Healthier to eat: Organic foods are Healthier to eat Because organically grown foods are free from pesticides, preservatives and herbicides. Organic foods have more nutrition than non-organic foods. So that organic foods are may not have any harmful effects. The reduced exposure of pesticides is one of the greatest benefits of organic foods. So this will make you more energetic and stronger body.
  • Better taste: some non-organic foods contain additives that improve the taste. But you can find the natural taste and better nutrition in organic foods.
  • More vitamins and Antioxidants: according to the research organic foods have 40 per cent or more antioxidants. One of the studies says that organically grown corn and berries contain 58 per cent more antioxidants and 52 per cent of more vitamin C. Antioxidants makes you free from diseases and that leads your healthier lifestyle. Organic farming does not depend on chemical pesticides to protect from insects because they have more antioxidants.
  • Safer to consume: organic foods are safer to eat or consume because organic foods are free from pesticides, preservatives and herbicides. This helps you to keep away from the life-threatening diseases like heart disease, cancer and other numerous diseases.
  • Less damage to the Environment: organic farming makes less damage to the Environment. Because organic farming does not release synthetic pesticides to the Environment. That means there is no harm to the soil, water and animals. So we need to support organic farmers for their growth to avoid environmental pollution.


  • Expensive: Yes organic foods are more expensive because organic farmers do not use chemical pesticides or artificial methods to cultivate their Corps. They follow the natural fertilizers system like animals manure to improve plant growth. And for livestock, they need extra labour so this will make their costs to increase. I want you to change your diet to organic foods you should prepare for their budget.
  • Does not last longer: organic foods their life span is shorter than non-organic foods that mean it will spoil soon. Because organic foods don’t have preservatives. If you want to buy you need to buy more than once you would have to double your budget.
  • Takes a lot of effort: yes organic foods may have more advantages but it has to go through a lot of effort. In Organic farming, they use manure fertilization the mineral content of this kind of fertilizers is difficult to apply and maintain. Farmers don’t use pesticides, herbicides or any chemicals and they need extra labour for weed the Corps. Farmers use Corp rotation this is one of the techniques organic farmers use. Which beneficial when it comes to reducing plant diseases and lesser damage to soil composition. However, the result is lower production.
  • Organic foods are hard to find: if you want to buy organic foods you cannot find in regular stores so you have to go to the farmers market.

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