Climate change solutions 2019

Climate change solutions

Climate change

Climate change happens any change in Earth’s climate system results in New weather design. And that lasts for at least a several decades of climate change. And it is the greatest threat to the environment, humans and other lives on the earth. Resources of climate change are greenhouse gas, cutting down trees and storing a larger amount of carbon dioxide.


Forego fossil fuels: Firstly we should abolish forego fossil fuels like burning oil, coal and natural gas. And I think this is the most threatening challenge as denizens of richer nations literally wear, Eat, play work and sleep on the products made from fossilizing of sunshine. We need to practice conservation at home like we should maintain our cooling and heating system. And we should stop wasting electricity so we need to switch off electrical things which are not in use. We need to reduce using transportation so might help to reduce consumption of fuel. And we should other energy like solar energy and wind energy to reduce fossil fuels. And we should be educated and make awareness about this to everyone.

Building Infrastructure Upgrade: Upgrading buildings is one of the greenhouse emissions because it takes a lot of cement. Cement manufacturing emission is intensive because it requires extreme heat to produce it. To produce a ton of cement it requires 4.7 million BTU of energy. It is equal to 400 pounds of coal and it generates nearly atom of carbon dioxide. So we need to use a alternative infrastructure this might help to cut down greenhouse emissions.

Stop Cutting trees: Get involved when you see a tree is cutting down. The first thing you have to do is approach the person who is cutting the tree and find the reason why he is cutting the tree. You need to research that weather is cutting the tree legally or illegally this might help to save the trees. Stop using Paper Products we should reduce using Paper Products, for example, use cloth napkins instead of paper napkin use and purchase instead of using tissues if you want to use go for Recycled Paper Products. And more important is we should practice planting new trees and protect.

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